The Somali: Squirrel cat, Fox cat, Doglike cat

Wild looking and with a rare elegance, the Somali breed combines many assets... The first impression you get when you see a Somali is always breathtaking, a elegant cat with gentle curves, soft and thin semi-long hair, a plume-like tail that it carries proudly, unique tabby markings (called ticking) and a variety of beautiful colors… Even if looks matter a lot nowadays, the first reason to pick a Somali as a companion would still be its personality! 


A Somali gives meaning to the phrase “feeling loved”. It climbs on your lap, curls up in your neck, rubs on your face and cleans you like you are part of the cat family. A somali gives limitless love and tenderness to its humans - or its guests. This cat feeds on affection and attention, it is not the type to stand in a corner, it likes being noticed and will not hesitate to charm you to get what it wants.


As a remarkably smart car, a Somali loves taking part in any kind of house activity and will always be there to help you clean up, tidy up the room, garden or to watch over the dinner cooking! It is not very vocal cat but it sometimes like holding conversations with its humans, it coos more than it meows, don’t be surprised!

Living with a Somali is a unique experience.


This little feline needs a close relationship with its owner - or its family - to be really happy, for a Somali you are not just the caring human, you are its true friend, first and foremost.