The Abyssinian: A puma in your home


Owning or being owned by an Abyssinian?


We could sum up the breed with one sentence: “Abyssinians, cats who wish you well” But it can’t really describe all the facets of their personality.


For starters, if you are looking for a quiet cat, that spends its time in its cat bed, independant and ignoring everything, move along! An Abyssinian is not the right cat for you!


But if you are looking for a lively cat, that is interested  in everything, that follows you everywhere and show you its deep attachment for you with many demonstrations of affection, you picked the right breed!

Behind the wild look complemented by a athletic body and a camo fur pattern (called ticking) worthy of American pumas or European hare, hides a sweet, keen, smart and demonstrativ cat.


The schedule of an Abyssinian? One for a Minister!


It gets involved in everything concerning its home and its inhabitants: it hunts pencils, gives or takes computer science classes, opens doors, plays with the water in the sink, fetches toys… climbs on top of the library or on top of doors… tastes your food, helps its humans to wake up in the morning, plays hairdresser, welcomes your guests or runs out as soon as he sees an escape route… and many more various activities!

An Abyssinian is more than just a cat, it’s a friend and a family member! it will be linked to you and you won’t be able to get enough of it.