Genetic and congenital conditions

Although Somalis and Abyssinians are remarkably sturdy cats, a few genetic diseases can affect them:

  1. PKDef
  2. PRA-rdAc (CEP290)
  3. Patellar luxation
  4. Renal amyloidosis

The first two diseases are easy to avoid because genetic tests exist. See below for a list of laboratories certified by LOOF.


As a future pet owner willing to buy a kitten, make sure to check that the parents of your kitten are tested for genetic disorders by the breeder.


As a breeder, it is your duty to carry genetic tests on your breeding cats and to forbid any mating that could results in affected kittens. It would be harmful for the breed to completely put aside carrier cats from breeding programs, as it would have a bad influence on breeds consanguinity.


If you are working with carrier cats:


  1. Test kitten going to breeding programs
  2. Avoid having carrier cats of both genders (a door not properly closed can happen, then your carrier female and carrier male could mate and give birth to affected kittens! Be extremely careful!)