ISAL is a club dedicated to Somali and Abyssinian cats

Whether you are curious, amazed by those breeds or an experienced breeder, ISAL's calling is to bring you all data and information available on Abyssinians and Somalis.


Our objectives can adapt to your special requests:

-        Helping you discover those cats, their origins, history, standards and behavior through the pages of this website, through events during cat shows or other mediums

-        Recommending you a selected group of breeders who we know to be reliable, in order to help you find a kitten that is healthy, well behaved and fits the breed standards

-        Keeping you up to date on the latest news regarding health, cat shows and decisions from the different cat federations worldwide…

We encourage trading between French breeders or French and foreign breeders by building trust relationships and strong partnerships with clubs and foreign breeders.


We can assist you with all LOOF administrative formalities: obtaining kitten pedigrees, cattery name registration, title confirmation and purchasing, conformity certificate obtention… You can also put up an ad on our website.


The health of our cats is essential, this is why as an ISAL member you can enjoy discounts in several laboratories to carry on genetic tests and identification for your cats.